COVID-19 and Cardiovascular disease

COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving pandemic. Very little is known about it, and most of the information has accumulated from the Chinese experience. Even less is known about its effects on the Cardiovascular system.
However, some trends are emerging.
The overall risk of death for COVID-19 varies between 0.5 (Korea) & 2.7 (Iran).Italy may have even higher death rate. However, patients with co-existing illnesses have a higher risk:-

  • Hypertension 6%
  • Diabetes 7.3%
  • Cardiovascular Disease 10.5%

Cardiac Complications of COVID-19
  • The frequency of complications of COVID-19 is on the same scale as SARS/MERS/Influenza.
  • There is an increased incidence of arrhythmias, cardiac injury, heart failure, heart attacks & cardiac arrest.

The implications for patients with cardiovascular disease-

  • They are at higher risk of catching the disease and have a higher risk of complications.
  • They should take extra (but reasonable) precautions for prevention.
  • The patients should be updated with their flu and pneumococcal vaccination.
  • General health care including eating well, sleeping well & managing stress remains important.

Source - Acc Clinical Bulletin COVID-19 Clinical guidance for CV Care Team.