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About us

Dr Ankur Ahuja is a senior Interventional Cardiologist, currently working at Fortis Hospital, Mohali.He completed his DM in cardiology from prestigious King George Medical University, Lucknow in ’07. Thereafter he worked in Escorts Hospital, Delhi. He subsequently joined IVY Hospital, Mohali in 2009 before shifting present hospital in july 2020.

Why get yourself treated with us

We strive to provide the best care and treatment to our patients with personal attention. We believe in treatments that don’t take.

Compassionate Care

We make a complete assessment of the patient, taking a full perspective of his/her health condition and wishes, before formulating out the treatment plan.

Comprehensive cardiovascular care

Experienced operator for peripheral interventions (carotid, renal, mesenteric and limb angioplasties, EVAR/TEVAR, coil/ particle embolization etc).

Complex Procedures

Most of the complex coronary procedures including bifurcation, left main, calcified lesions and CTOs are routinely performed in a safe environment.

Team Experience

A team of doctors and paramedics having an experience of dealing with complex cardiac illnesses and sick patients, making sure, you get the best treatment.

Cardiac Symptoms

It’s important to understand the vital symptoms that can be indicators of a cardiac disease. These indicators if noticed should immediately be discussed with your cardiologist.

Chest Pain

Chest pain is often the first symptom of a heart attack/coronary artery disease. Any unusual chest/arm pain, be it left or right, needs an opinion with a cardiologist.


Breathlessness is often caused by weak heart functions, valvular malfunction or coronary artery disease.

Spells of dizziness

Abnormalities of heart rhythm, severe valvular diseases, severe coronary artery disease etc can precipitate spells of dizziness and even transient unconsciousness.


Feeling of thumping heart/ fluttery sensation in chest, is a result of fast heart rates , often requiring urgent treatment.

Unusual Tiredness

New onset unusual fatigue can result from weak heart functions, severe valvular heart disease and coronary artery disease.

Swelling over feet

Retention of extra water in body due to weak heart functions can cause swelling over the body, usually starting from feet.

High/Low blood pressure

Hypertension can cause damage to heart, brain and kidney.and therefore requires prompt control.

High cholesterol levels

Dyslipidemia is the main culprit for causing blockages in the arteries of heart and elsewhere.

Consult with vascular interventionist

A person should consult with vascular interventionist (one who deals with peripheral interventions), if he/she suffers from

Stroke, and has carotid artery stenosis/disease

Discomfort in legs while
walking/at rest

Discomfort in arms
with exertion

Uncontrolled hypertension with narrowing of renal arteries or of aorta

Non healing ulcers
on foot

Abnormal dilatation/ aneurysm of aorta or other vessels of the body


Dr. Ankur Ahuja is always friendly, informative, and patient. He stays on point with your health and never rushes. He answers all your questions and is not an alarmist. I am very happy with his practice.

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